Why, why, why

Armin Bayer Music is a project that has been around for a long time. Originated in the ’80s under a different name and with the love of electronic music of the former “heroes” of the Berlin School such as Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze and Michael Hoenig. Some self-published releases and 2-3 songs that have made it to radio and television have been the path of the project to this day. After a long break filled with other projects, it’s time again to make songs and use the possibilities of today to present the songs to a broad public. The love of this music has been preserved to this day and new technical possibilities have again brought the motivation to bring this almost forgotten music back into focus.

For some time now I have dedicated myself to another genre of music that I really like and appreciate. The film music.

Filmcomposers like Hans Zimmer, Tom Holkenborg aka Junkie XL and of course the great John Williams inspire and motivate me.

Sure, they are out of reach for me, but trying to emulate them is a goal and motivation for me.

Orchestral mixed with electronics is what I like best. As I said, I’ve been trying this genre for some time now.
Results are available here on the site, and on SoundCloud. Every now and then I will also publish small clips as a video on Instagram.


What I am doing now

I still publish songs continuously. Most for free. For several years I have also been releasing albums regularly on the popular streaming providers.
I have also been doing commissioned work for some time. Whether for film, TV or gaming, etc. Who has needs may like to contact me.
For young filmmakers, I like to work free of charge. Young artists have to be supported and I am very happy to help.
Of course also young creatives from the gaming corner are allowed to get in touch.

Although my specialty is electronic scores, orchestral, epic stuff is also possible. Just ask.

I am also interested in collaborations with other musicians, composers. If you feel like doing something together, do not hesitate to send me a message.