The website is growing up

by | 18.Mar 2019 | Allgemein EN, EN

I´m constantly working on the website.
Slowly the site is growing up. Some songs of me and my album “A Journey – Part 1” you can find on SoundCloud. Today I´ve embedded this songs and the album with the soundcloud player in the website.
Actually I had a different plan. I wanted to embedding an own media player. But I couldn’t find a media player it has all the parameters I need.
Playlists and downloads were my wishes, but nothing. I only found some players zu buy. But in the past I made bad experiences with buying software in foreign countries.

Now, I think this solution is also okay to hear the songs. Please check it out and take a look at the player. At some songs you will find a download button.
Take this songs and enjoy to hear it.