Song for Edgar

by | 23.Feb 2015 | Allgemein EN, EN

Only last week I learned that one of my heros of the Electronic Music scene is unfortunately passed away.
On 20. Edgar Froese embarked on his last journey in Vienna on 1 January.
Unfortunately, a great electronic music has left us. He has made history with Tangerine Dream. I do not want to list what he has done here, there are other sources for that. But it hit me a lot because TD took me to the Electronic Music.

Well, since the 90s TD has changed so much in style that I really didn’t like it anymore, but for me it was important the 70s and 80s anyway.

Anyway. In memory of Edgar Froese, I decided to make a song that should be based on its former taste. I’m already busy and it probably won’t be too long. I will offer it on Soundcloud for free download.

Since stretched and patient. If he’s online, of course I’ll post it through the usual channels.