Some news

by | 27.May 2019 | Allgemein EN

My new love Filmscoring brought my Mac at the limits.

All the libraries for the orchestra and epic scores to bringing only on my Mac wasn’t a great idea.
The Mac was getting slower.

I thought, I need an Master-Slave-System. And so it comes. I bought a i7 PC with Windows 10 and Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 and put all my libraries on this machine.
Now, my Mac is happy again now, also like me. My Mac is an old guy from 2009 but with a normal job it’s a really great machine.

it’s a lot of work to config the system. A short time before I finished my work, I bought another Sample Library. The “Studio Orchestra Library” from Spitfire Audio. A awesome Library. Great sounds!!
Now, the work started again.
I’m not really near the end, but I hope this week I can finishing the configuration of my system.
In my new DAW template I have over 400 tracks for all my sounds. Each track an articulation. So cool.

Oh yes, the RAM of the slave PC was to small, I must buy someone. Now there are 60 Gb in the slave. Overall I can expand to 96 GB. I think this is enough.
In the future I’m looking for the “Metropolis Ark” Library from Orchestra Tools. If this is coming, I need a second slave PC.

If I had finished the configuration I start a new Scoring project. I inform you if there is something to hear.

Stay tuned.

See you soon.