Ambient Album “Deep Breath”

by | 20. Nov. 2019

Some people ask me if I could make some Ambient-Songs? They want music to chilling and relaxing. Some of them need it for their Yoga Exercises.
Okay, the idea is great and I currently start the work on this Album.
The cover and a first song are ready. I think the complete Album has 2 or 3 songs. Not more. The songs will be very long. The first one is 15 min. long.

The album is now ready. It is probably not so suitable for meditation, but it has become quiet.
4 tracks for your soul.

Here the cover


Customer: A wish from some people 

Description: Music for chilling and relaxing. Quiet music.


  • Komposition
  • Arrangement
  • Sounddesign
  • Mixing