News at the end of the year

by | 17.Dec 2018 | Allgemein EN, EN

After a long time, another entry.

Still, my job keeps me badly trapped. Time just isn’t enough. The day would have to have 48 hours and even then it would be scarce. But all right, it’s like that and I don’t want to moan. Nevertheless, I found so much time to expand my Soundlibrary and get Albion One from Spitfire Audio. I’ve been keen on this library for a long time and now finally it’s mine:-)

My thoughts have been revolting around the topic of film music for a long time. I’ve always been fascinated by this genre. And honestly, with Hans Zimmer, the motivation is already really cooked up. I also discovered Tom Holkenborg, aka Junkie XL for me an eternity an eternity and really appreciate him and his work. Big names and never reach, but motivation enough to emulate them. Well, at least try it:-) Well, the last few weeks I was busy in the studio just restarting the MacPro and putting on a new template in Studio One. A template for soundtracks. That really took time. Setting up the individual instruments and articulations of the Libraries Albion One and Vienna Symphonic Library was interesting, but also quite annoying.

I also hopped the Miroslav Philharmonic 2 Classik Edition some time ago, but I don’t really know, the cheap price already has its reason. Unfortunately, the howler is not this library. I don’t know if I should add them to the template. Let’s see if I still fancy maybe. In YouTube videos, I’ve always wondered, “Why do they all have so many tracks in their templates?” Now I know:-) I may still be a long way from all the composers on YouTube, but on 150 tracks it has now brought my template as well. In the beginning I had already considered whether my old Mac Pro 2009 packs all this-before that he had quite problems again and again-but after the clean install the part runs like one again. No 10% processor utilization-terrific! Tip on the sidelines. Don’t just iron all OS updates over it. If possible, always do a clean install when you make a new major update on your box. I don’t think it should be any different with Windows.

Now music has to be made again. My hope in the near future is something to be able to put online in the direction of the soundtrack. Let’s see, I will make an effort to publish what as soon as possible. Of course for free:-)

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