New Album >Deep Breath<

by | 5.Oct 2020 | Allgemein EN

Well, the release is just around the corner. On October 9th, 2020 the new album “Deep Breath” will be available on all common streaming platforms and online shops.

I’m really looking forward to releasing an album again after 5 years. An album with 4 long and quiet tracks to chill out even more than usual.
It should actually be something really reduced in the ambient style. Some friends, and also online friends have wished for this. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite work out. I just can’t stop
to pack a little more into a song here and there. But I think it turned out to be a good album somewhere in the middle.

I found a great new distributor with Artistfy. I’m very happy about the cooperation. They take care of the artists in a very nice and helpful manner. Artistry is available with advice and assistance if you have any questions.
As I said, great company. I feel good there. To the next releases.


If you want to bridge the time until the release of the new album, check out the last album “A Journey Part 1”. You can also find it on all common platforms and here on the homepage.
Oh yes, you can also find some tracks on Soundcloud!




See you!