Music is my Passion


Actual Projects from my Studio.



Why, why, why


Electronic-Music to groove, to drive through the universe and for movies in your head


Ambient-Music to relax, to chill and to dream


Filmscore –
from epic to melancholic


Few infos about me and my work.

Armin Bayer

At the age of 8 starting with the music. At 12, the first gig. From then on with various instruments on the way to make humanity happy with my music. With more or less success of course.

At some point then the typical times in which it had to be fast, hard and loud. As a guitarist and later bassist in various bands. In the 80s then the cover era. Traveling around for several years to celebrate the hits of this time in beer tents and open airs. At some point then it was good and it was time to start something new – the heroes of the Berlin School and a few others are responsible for my subsequent activities. In between, then almost 10 years again rock, blues, funk and soul in an incredibly hot band. After the end of this era electronic music and now also film music are back.



Here are some songs and albums that you can listen to. Some songs are also available for download. You will find the corresponding button in the player. Enjoy it.



A new guy is in my studio – DSI Prophet REV2

After a long search and waiting for a suitable offer (I wanted to save some money and therefore buy a used one), I was finally able to get hold of one of my current dream synths. For me, the Prophet REV 2 is the perfect symbiosis of analog and digital technology. The...

New album is coming

I actually managed to release another album this year. Since the last album "Deep Breath" wasn't so quiet as I had planned, and I also have some ideas for something very quiet, I thought okay, then another album. No sooner said than done, the time has come and it will...

New Album >Deep Breath<

Well, the release is just around the corner. On October 9th, 2020 the new album "Deep Breath" will be available on all common streaming platforms and online shops. I'm really looking forward to releasing an album again after 5 years. An album with 4 long and quiet...

The merchandise shop

Now, it's time. Just you can buy anything with my logo on it. From t-shirts to hoodies, from cups to baseball caps. You can find the link in the menu above. Have a look around and order what you like. More designs will be added in the future. The logo was just the...

Again a note

Hey guys, I´ve forgotten to tell that you can follow me also on SoundCloud. You will find some songs from me to hear and a couple of songs you can download. Some songs I'm linking here to my homepage, but not all. Please check up my profile on SoundCloud for new songs...

A new track is online

On SoundCloud you will find a new track. It calls "Jarresque". As the name suggests it's a song like Jean Michel Jarre had make a lot. I had the urge for such a song. I hope you enjoy it.