A sign of life

by | 13.Jan 2017 | Allgemein EN, EN

I have to get back in touch again. First of all, a good and, above all, peaceful New Year. That is what I wish you and all of us. I hope you had a peaceful feast and a good return to the new year.

You haven’t heard and read from me in a long time. My job has been making it hard for me to do for many weeks. I have taken on a new task and it really nails me in the office. Unfortunately, this means that I don’t get to my favourite hobby as much as I wanted. I hope that will improve again in the near future. So every now and then I sit here in the studio and try to realize new things. Let me see. Maybe something will come back soon.

So, it is supposed to have been again.

Still, I remain positively weighed:-)

See you again soon.