A new guy is in my studio – DSI Prophet REV2

by | 21.Mar 2021 | EN, Technic

After a long search and waiting for a suitable offer (I wanted to save some money and therefore buy a used one), I was finally able to get hold of one of my current dream synths.

Prophet REV2

Prophet REV2

For me, the Prophet REV 2 is the perfect symbiosis of analog and digital technology. The power of the analog signal path paired with the digital possibilities such as saving sounds.
I bought the 8-Voice variant. At first I thought that would be enough. Well, with the possibilities of this synth, you understand that the 16-Voice variant is definitely recommended.
Sure, the 8 voices are also really fun, but if you really want to use the layer options and still want to play fulfill of chords, then the air is running out 🙂

Fortunately, there is the possibility to expand the synth by a further 8 voices to 16 voices. Sometime I will probably do that. It’s just not cheap 😉
In any case, I’m happy to have this great synth in my studio and I’m already busy working on it. There will be a lot more to come in the near future.
It is fitting that I am in the middle of work on the next album “True Self Vol.2”. My new darling will definitely be used right away.

Thanks to Albert from alsoweb.de for the great communication!